6th grade: Bring everything to class!

Dear 6th grade families,

Today we worked on instrument assembly and care, and many students forgot to bring something that was needed. Tomorrow, we working on playing with the mouthpiece (and reeds).

For brass, make sure and bring your instrument, band method book, care kit, and black towel. For woodwinds, please bring your instrument, band method book, reeds (clarinet and sax), and care kit. These items are mandatory for class.

If you have ordered these items from Marshall Music or another vendor and they have not arrived yet, please call them to make sure they have your order. We’ll make things work until they do. If you have not ordered any of these items, please do so immediately. If you need my assistance, please contact me.

Brass, please have a black HAND towel (not wash cloth or bath towel). Yes, it must be black (not blue, pink, green, etc.) as we must have uniformity. Black hides the spit from the instrument better than other colors, black is part of the school colors, and black matches the decor of the band room. Black is the color.

The longer people wait to have these items the farther behind the students will become, causing frustration for all. I work diligently towards good communication and please do the same if there is a problem, so that we are anticipating/responding to problems, not reacting to them.

Thursday and Friday are big days so be prepared!

Thanks, Mr. Whitlock

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