We’re past the halfway mark! (please read all)

Hi all,

How are you doing with the Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough sale? This is our main fundraiser of the year and creates our budget for this school year and into December of 2015. It’s a big deal!  🙂

We are looking for each family to sell 8 tubs of cookie dough. Trust me, I completely understand that not everyone likes to fundraise (me too, as they did not teach me this in music school or graduate school) but it is completely necessary for the well-being of our students. Please know the cookie dough is GREAT tasting and many families and parents enjoy this fundraiser each year. So great that we made over $10,000 profit each year for the last four years and I even have alumni contacting me! The brochure of what we are selling is attached so that you can spread the word to others.

Otis and Auntie Anns Fall 2014

Are you interested in donating instead? Well, there are two ways.

1) Join our Bucks for Band donation program for as little as $75 and receive incentives in return for your generosity. You can find out more info about Bucks for Band on pages 36-37 of the Band Handbook.

2) If you’d simply like to donate the cookie dough profit for 8 tubs, that amount is exactly $51.20.

I will provide donation receipts for all who are interested.

It is my hope everyone will participate but if you’d rather donate that is fine as well. The bottom line is that our students need you and your help! Why do need to do fundraising? Here is the excerpt from the handbook below. Thanks so much for reading this and more soon!


Currently our band needs to operate on approximately a $10,000 per year budget. Without fundraising, we could not provide the quality services and experiences that our team has traditionally enjoyed, as our district budget last year was $288. We have met this goal each year because of the families’ investment in our students and the high achievement of our program.

Most bands now have to raise their own funds for activities and supplies that once were considered basic necessities, and parent volunteers are essential to organizing and chaperoning these fundraising events and other school activities. Music and Band are valuable in so many ways, but we do not receive great amounts of funding to help achieve our goals.

Fundraising and donations go toward the following needs:

  • Music literature
  • Ensemble methods and materials
  • Tuners and metronomes for classroom use
  • Potential software needs
  • Guest clinicians
  • Purchasing rights to some music that we play for recording purposes
  • Paying to have a videographer at our events
  • Paying to have an audio engineer at our events
  • Paying for extra accessories such as reeds, neck straps, etc.
  • Maintaining the band’s copier (repair, toner, paper, etc.)
  • Entry fees to festivals
  • Maintaining school-owned instruments such as bass clarinets, oboes, tenor and bari saxes, french horns, euphoniums, tubas, and all percussion instruments
  • Purchasing band instruments
  • Repairs and new purchases to avoid students sharing instruments
  • Costs for local travel, transportation, etc.
  • Other activities/events
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