Cookie Dough Delivery Date and MANY volunteers needed!

Greetings all,

Just a reminder that our cookie dough delivery date from Otis Spunkmeyer and it will be on Wednesday, December 10.

It is important that all orders are picked up no later than 6pm. Please make arrangements now to have your cookie picked up so volunteers and teachers do not have to call to track people down as this scenario has often happened in the past. We will do all we can to have the order complete by 3pm (in case the order is small enough for your child to take on the bus) but there is no guarantee this can happen as it depends on the truck delivery being on time, the number of volunteers we have, etc.
A perfect transition to my next topic. We are in great need of volunteers for sort all of the orders. This is a Herculean task. We have a very large order and the Otis rep said “You cannot have enough volunteers.”  Our Otis Spunkmeyer rep, Ms. Allison Pudduck, will be leading the organizational aspects of how to put the orders together in the quickest time possible. The more people we have the faster the process will go.
We are also looking for volunteers to take shifts with the distribution of the cookie dough to students and parents. We need several people for this task so lines do not get backed up. The contents of each order will need to be carefully checked and then each parent/child will need to sign for their order upon receipt of their cookie dough.
At minimum, we are looking for 20-30 volunteers for Shift 1. The time frame we are looking at for organizing all the orders is from 1pm-2:50pm (Shift 1) with enough volunteers to make this happen. This is the single, most important volunteer event of the year and as Uncle Sam would say, “We need you!”  🙂
We are looking to fill two more shifts:
Shift 2 = 2:40-4:25

Shift 3 = 4:15-6pm

The second shift will help in the finalization of orders and then help with the distribution of times at the end of school to students who are riding the bus. The 10 minute overlap between shifts will allow the second shift to explain to the third shift the details of their responsibility. In a perfect world, we would love a few volunteers from the Shift 1 to also help in the beginnings of Shift 2 to help keep the transition flowing smoothly.
As a reminder for all, the greatest need is for Shift 1 from 1-2:50pm.  If we can get 20-30 volunteers we will be in great shape. Our parents and extended band family have always done a great job helping our students and please consider this most needed volunteer opportunity for the year as a special way to help our kids.

Please reply to me if you are willing to help and please let me know which shift will work for you. Many thanks for your consideration of our great need!

With gratitude,

Mr. Marc Whitlock (
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