Announcements before Winter Break

Hi everyone!

Our students’ excitement for winter break is reaching a climactic peak! We still have work to do these last three days and here are a few announcements
1) Blue Lake scholarship auditions this Thursday

Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp summer scholarship auditions are on Thursday, December 18, and this is for all grades. For students who are interested, auditions will happen during class. There is no commitment to attend the summer arts camp by doing the scholarship audition. It is simply to see if a student performs well enough to earn a scholarship. Any music that the student is comfortable with is fine to play for the audition. Any music from our last concert will do nicely or from our method book for 6th graders.

In the past, we have had several Discovery Middle School Band students participate in the Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp. Student testimonials have been very positive about the overall experience.

For more info about the camp, please go to

2) Trip Update
There seems to be a delay in the trip approval process from PCCS. I am a little concerned about the delay as I want to be mindful of the trip payment schedule and will adjust as needed but please understand that we cannot begin trip payments until final PCCS trip approval has occurred. Again, I feel very confident that this trip will ultimately be approved and keep saving your money for the trip payments for when we have final approval from PCCS.
3) Student Achievements
A few of our students have achieved great things as of late, and I wanted to take a moment to share them with you. (If you or your child has had a great achievement in the band world, please let me know).
-Two of our students have just been accepted to the Detroit Symphony Orchestra’s Middle School Honor Band, and congratulations to Justin Johnson and Jeremy Cleary!
-Congrats to Jeremy Cleary for being accepted and performing in the Wayne State University Honor Band!
-A very special shout-out to Kylie Scarpace for being on a national commercial for Kohl’s and was aired during the American Music Awards for their Frozen song contest! Here’e the link, and Kylie is playing acoustic guitar and appears with other contestants:
4) Social Media
While I am flattered by students and parents to be “friended”, please know that I cannot accept social friend requests as this could be perceived as inappropriate, could affect my job, etc.
I do not wish to offend anyone so I wanted to explain my reasons and I hope you understand. While I always endeavor for all of us to know what it is to be a band family, I do not wish
5) Stuff laying around the Band Room
There are many breathing tubes unaccounted for (students were told to write their names on them with a Sharpie), black towels, music, etc. When we return from break, I will be checking all materials during class so please make sure students have everything (based on the class materials list in the Band Handbook).
6) All instruments go home over the break
All band lockers need to be empty over the break with instruments at home.
7) Practice Logs?
No practice log is due when we return from break and this has been listed in MiStar assignments for class since last week. I would still like the students to practice when possible.
8) Happy Holidays!
May all your customs, traditions, and travels be joyous and fun-filled over the next two weeks! Enjoy your time with family and I look forward to seeing all the students in 2015!
All my warmest wishes,
Marc Whitlock
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