Quick Announcements ending week of 2/7

Hi all,

1) As many know through communication with your children, I am looking for student volunteers to stay after school tomorrow for about an hour and half, but more than likely a shorter time frame than that. I do not have anyone for 8th grade (need one or two students) and 6th period class (one or two students). I have plenty in the other classes and if this works, great, but if not I can make do with the other students. Volunteers will need a smartphone or a tablet that has video capabilities and can connect to our wireless network.

2) Percussion: 8th grade and 7th grade percussion must meet with me before going home tomorrow so that we have all of the percussion equipment we need for Solo and Ensemble Festival on Saturday. This will be tough for the 8th grade since I have not seen you in class since Wednesday on prize day. I do not want you to get here without all of your music and equipment.

3) Free tickets for 8th graders: I have free tickets for 8th grade band members for the Annual “Variety Is” talent show at PCEP at Salem High school tomorrow/Friday night. It has been running for decades and is completely designed and operated by students. It is truly a fantastic show and please see me to acquire a free ticket for Friday Night.

4) Solo and Ensemble: You have all the info, but please make sure you review it thoroughly. On Saturday, I will be in working the Media Center/Library at Livonia Franklin HS. If you have any issues or concerns, please see me. Make sure you take your instrument and music home Friday after school and make sure to “dress for success”!

5) All music, instruments, and equipment needs to go home after school on Friday so students may prepare properly for next week. We have a lot to do before mid-winter break.

On a personal note, thank you for your warm wishes during an arduous time.

Looking to push forward next week with all the new music so make sure to practice over the weekend!

With gratitude,
Mr. Marc Whitlock

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