Practice logs next week

Hi all,

I have been getting questions about homework over the break so I am sending this announcement regarding practice logs over the break. We have so much on our plate with performance goals and expectations and I cannot give them a week off from practicing or we will not be ready for our concert (or Band Festival for the 8th graders). Here is the plan.

When we return from break on February 23, two practice logs will need to be turned in. One is from the current week we are in (normal routine, normal log, just waiting a week to turn in) and the other log will be for next week. For that second practice log being recorded during the break, I will be lenient with the days it takes to complete the task (minimum days are listed on the log). Same amount of minutes with flexibility with how the minutes are obtained.

Hope this helps and if you have any questions please let me know.

Thanks and more soon,
Mr. Marc Whitlock

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