Very Important: Form for self-carry and self-administration of student meds

Hi trip participants,

If you have a child that takes daily meds, carries their own emergency meds (which includes epipens), or takes meds of any kind (whether daily or “only as needed”), then the default approach is that all students’ meds will be turned in to me on Wednesday night before we board the bus.
Many parents are OK with their child carrying their own meds and self-administer (i.e. aspirin/motrin/tylenol for headaches, allergy medicine if needed etc.). However, due to state law and district policy, this cannot occur without formal permission AND doctor permission (in the form of his or her signature). This policy is must be adhered to by all trip participants.
At the end of this letter is the form used by the district. If you wish your child to carry and/or administer their own meds, this form must be filled out by a parent and doctor and returned to me as soon as possible. In the past, most doctors have been gracious to sign the form if you drop it off at their office and come back later in the day.
We have a list of all students who are on medication or take “as needed” and we either have this form with us on the trip or I will carry all their meds. Students are not crazy about this plan as they have to halt their plans to meet me or in some cases the students and I travel together to make sure they get their meds on time as it is a long day. Yes, there is nothing like hanging out with your teacher all day.  🙂
Please return the form as soon as you can (if you wish your child to carry their own meds). If you have filled out this form already and it is in the main office at Discovery, please let me know so that I can copy the form to take with us.
Many thanks! One more week!
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