Around 6 AM

Parents, it looks like we will arrive back at Discovery just before 6 AM.

When we arrive, we will have some housekeeping items to take care of before I can dismiss the children. I will go to each bus and tell them what they need to do so please be patient during this process.

If parents could help with unloading the bottom of the bus and stacking the luggage and instruments and other equipment neatly on the sidewalk I would be most grateful. The students and I will then move everything into the bandroom and we will organize it tomorrow during school.

It is very important that all students for the band trip are at school on Monday morning.

Thank you so much for your support of this trip as we have had a wonderful time, our students performed well, but most importantly, have exhibited great behavior and teamwork qualities during the entirety of the trip.

I also ask you take the time to thank the chaperone parents, who have done an amazing job and worked diligently for the success and safety of your child.

Many thanks and we will see you soon!

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