REVISED Band Handbook (v3-as of 9-17-15)

Here is the REVISED Band Handbook for 2015-16. Inadvertently, different events for the school were approved by administration for the same day and two events for band have to be moved as of today. The Mid-Winter Concert has been moved to March 23 (one day later than the original date) and the rehearsal for 6th and 7th grade the day before the concert has also been moved later by one day to March 22. Please make note of these changes for your calendar.

Band Supplies need to be acquired by Monday, March 21. If there are any issues or concerns please contact Mr. Whitlock at either or 734-416-7960.  Thank you and let’s have a great year!

REVISED Band Handbook 15-16 (v3 as of 9-17-15)

REVISED Dates for band calendar 15-16 for handbook

Band supplies list for Discovery 2015-16

Letter of Consent

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