Communication with parents

Hi parents,

I am working on getting a band email blast together but there are many people who did not sign up as requested at the beginning of the year. Please understand that the main portal of communication with parents is the band website at, and I will be launching the email blast soon, which is a more direct form of communication. That being said, communication about band should also happen with the student in band as they should be able to share info with you that we’ve covered at any time.

Please know that the main portal of communication for students is our Google Classroom, and students are required to use this tool for not only communication but for assignments as well, which one or two assignment are due this week (depending on the class). Please make sure your child is checking Google classroom and email daily for communication from teachers.

Ironically, communication is flowing in class and on Google Classroom but not all students are checking in and deadlines are approaching. Please encourage your child to check their Google Classroom for communication from me, as posts occur frequently.

For parents, the combination of the band website and upcoming email blast should suffice. If you did not send me your email address for the email blast and wish to be included in all info, please do so by writing me an email requesting to be on the email blast. My email address is and I would like to use this email address for all things band from now on.

Finally, I am getting emails from parents who are missing communication announced on the band website or more importantly, Google Classroom, which is the main portal of communication for the students.  Please check with students regarding class info as this will help push them to check their Google Classroom. Contact me with any questions after these avenues have been explored. Also, parents should check the “Announcements” menu of the band website and the Home page for updates.

Thank you for reading this and I look forward to meeting you all this year!

With appreciation, Marc Whitlock

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