Otis Spunkmeyer begins today! (through November 19)

Hi everyone! Today kicked off the Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough fundraiser! This is our main fundraiser for the year and creates our budget from January-December 2016. We have done well over the past few years (avg.  $10,000 profit per year) and I know this year will be great as well! The students in school today received an envelope with the brochure, letter for parents, and the order form, and will be bringing it home today.

Otis makes all the after dinner mints served at Olive Garden, they make cookies for Subway and Burger King, they supply cookies for the US military, they make buns for McDonalds, they make pizza for Sam’s Club and Costco, and a whole lot more. All ingredients are 100% natural. Most importantly, and for the first time, we can also order item online!

Please know that fundraising is voluntary and I never take your participation or donation for granted, and I will always show my appreciation. For those that wish to donate instead of sell, I will be giving you more info soon about our Bucks for Band program and the incentives for those parents or businesses that wish to donate.

Attached is the flyer for Otis and the directions that are specific to Discovery Middle School Band. I am excited that we have way more items in the brochure this year and we can order online. For veteran band parents, we will receive the delivery already pre-packaged by the child’s name. No more sorting and boxing! Also, on the day the forms are due back (November 19), we no longer have to create spreadsheets! I will need a few volunteers for these events and I will provide more info soon. Here is this year’s flyer:

Otis & More Flyer- Fall 2015

Thank you VERY much for your help and look for more info!

With gratitude, Mr. Marc Whitlock

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