Parent Volunteers needed badly and cookie dough turn-in information

Greetings Band Parents,

Your children and I really need your help. Would any parents have availability to help with the cookie dough order forms and money turn-in on Thursday, November 19?   If you could make time, the students and I would be very grateful to you for your assistance.

The job is simple yet essential, so the students and I can still have class. We will have students turn in their order forms and money. Parents will make sure each students form and check match and have the same amount. That’s pretty much it! In years past we had to create Excel spreadsheets and the format was time consuming, This new system from Otis Spunkmeyer is easy and time-friendly.

We need at least three parents per shift and a shift is defined by when the class meets. Actually, the shift would probably not last the entire class based on the new system but I want to list the times just to be safe. Here are the class times/shifts:

1st Hour – 8:45- 9:38 (8th grade and largest class)

3rd Hour – 10:41- 11:34 (7th grade)

4th Hour – 12:19- 1:12 (7th grade)

5th Hour – 1:17- 2:10 (6th grade)

6th Hour – 2:15- 3:10 (6th grade)

Won’t you please help us out? Discovery band parents have always come out in droves so I am hoping we can get the volunteers we need to make this work. If any parents can work more than one shift, that would be great as this would add consistency to our procedure from class to class.

I appreciate your consideration of my request, and I look forward to hearing back from you.  Please email me at if you can help our students during these shifts. Thank you so much!

For everyone: All order forms are due with full payment on Thursday, November 19. Students turn in the order form and payment during their band class.

It is imperative that we get everything back by Thursday, November 19. If we have any late orders I will not be able to be here personally to handle this and this worries me, because, on a personal note, my youngest child is having her 17th surgery on that day and I need to be with her. Please do all you can to have all cookie dough materials turned in this Thursday. Thanks in advance for keeping my little one in your thoughts.

Please email me back if you are willing to help and thank you all for participating in our biggest fundraiser of the year! At the bottom of this email I have included a list as to what your generosity goes toward and I humbly thank you for your help and support.

With warmest gratitude,
Marc Whitlock
Here is why we do fundraising (from the Band Handbook). So we can purchase:

-Music literature
-Ensemble methods and materials
-Tuners and metronomes for classroom use
-Potential software needs
-Guest clinicians
-Purchasing rights to some music that we play for recording purposes
-Paying to have a videographer at our events
-Paying to have an audio engineer at our events
-Paying for extra accessories such as reeds, neck straps, etc.
-Maintaining the band’s copier (repair, toner, paper, etc.)
-Entry fees to festivals
-Maintaining school-owned instruments such as bass clarinets, oboes, tenor and bari saxes, french horns, euphoniums, tubas, and all percussion instruments
-Purchasing band instruments
-Repairs and new purchases to avoid students sharing instruments
-Costs for local travel, transportation, etc.
-Other activities/events

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