After-School Band Rehearsals for next Tuesday and Wednesday, Dec. 8 & 9

Hi all,

Here is the breakdown for our rehearsals next week.

6th grade: Will meet on Wednesday, Dec. 9 until 4:50pm

7th grade: Will meet on Tuesday, Dec. 8 until 4:50pm and this day will help avoid other school conflicts

8th grade: Will not be needed for after-school rehearsals

Just a reminder that the entire 7th grade band is with me after school tomorrow/Wednesday until 4:50pm. Also,  for anyone with an excused absence from a rehearsal, you will have a playing test with me during homeroom ASAP.

I am so glad to say that we made very strong progress today with the 7th grade brass, and the absentees will need to work fast to catch up on what we did as they missed a lot.

See you at the concert on Dec. 10 at 7pm!

Mr. Marc Whitlock
Band Director, Discovery Middle School

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