Volunteers needed to chaperone concert this Thursday

Hi everyone,

Because I am always with a band on the stage and the other two other bands are not directly with me, we are in need of chaperones for the concert. This happens at every concert every year and we usually have a strong number of chaperones. Minimally, we need 3-4 chaperones for each band (6th, 7th, and 8th).

This is a wonderful opportunity to experience the backstage moments, to get to know your child’s friends better, and to connect with you child in a unique way. This can have a positive effect on your child and for you as well.

If you are willing and able to chaperone, please send me an email to marc.whitlock@pccsk12.com  to let me know. Also, we are looking for a chaperone coordinator for this school year and if you are interested please let me know that as well.

Many thanks and have a great weekend!

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