Cookie Dough Tally and Delivery Date

Here is info about the delivery date and info just recently received:
1) The delivery date is Wednesday, December 16 and your orders will be available in the Auditeria immediately after school, already packaged by students’ names. Your child may pick up the cookie dough before getting on the bus or you may pick up your orders after work and please note that all orders need to be picked up no later than 6pm to ensure freshness and that the product must placed in your freezer when you get home. Thanks in advance for your planning and promptness.  Also, if any students are in NJHS and need service hours, this is a great opportunity to fulfill this need.
Note: We will definitely need a few parent volunteers if you are available starting at 1:30pm. Please let me know if you can help us with the cookie dough orders. This will be much easier than years past as we will not have to organize all the orders because it is being done for us this year, but we still need any adults who are available for
2) Our Discovery Band sold 1163 catalog items and 73 online items, totaling a profit of $7843. While technically this is lower than in recent years, I think this is fantastic and is much better than expected with consideration to all the transition our students and families have endured and we working toward re-defining our band culture for this year and beyond. Wonderful job and  many thanks to all who participated!
Also, many band families chose to donate (which this can happen all year), and so far our donation level is $2491, which is much better than last year! Kudos to all who participated!
To date, our main fundraiser for the year has totaled $10,334.00! Fantastic job everyone! Throughout the year we will have other mini-fundraisers such as no-hassle Dine-To_ Donate events at restaurants (which I may even cook!) but this was our big event and I am so very grateful to you all!
For the students, our Prize Patrol will occur sometime in late January.
Thanks everyone!

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