Congrats to the PCCS 8th Grade Middle School Honor Band members from Discovery!

Congratulations to the Discovery students who made the first-ever PCCS 8th Grade Honor Band! I am proud of all the students who auditioned for this group/event, and here are the students who were selected by instrument:

Amelia Calkin – Flute
Calle Faerber – Oboe
Beverly Liu – Clarinet
Anuj Amin – Clarinet
Paige Pryce – Clarinet
Riggie Lin – Clarinet
Ryan Wells – Clarinet
Stephen Nagy – Bass Clarinet
Nathan Draper – Bass Clarinet
Jeremy Cleary – Alto Sax
Jordan Cleveland – Bari Sax
Martin Lopez – Trumpet
Bethany Sandburg – French Horn
Bobby Milleville – Euphonium
Evan Kirkpatrick – Tuba

Discovery had the most band students make the Honor Band and we are very proud of you all.

The PCCS Middle School Honor Band concert is on Friday, February 5 during the annual “Variety Is” student showcase. The show begins at 7pm in the Salem Auditorium.

Thanks again and keep warm and dry!

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