Upcoming rehearsals, chaperones, possible added performance, and Saxophone Concert in Ann Arbor

Hi Discovery Band!

1) Just another reminder that we have upcoming after-school rehearsals for our Mid-Winter concert. You have four dates listed on your calendars that have been published since the second week of school: March 8,14,15, 22: Rehearsals right after school from 3:20-4-50pm; Dates will be split between bands and exact details for each band will be determined as we get closer to concert as we will better know the needs for each band; I will determine the needs of the band for the later rehearsals and communicate by the end of the week. As originally stated at parents meetings and the band handbook, all students should plan to be there for the four dates but if anything time will be given back.  For March 8, this will be for 7th grade band only.

2) If you would be willing to chaperone for the March 23 concert, please email Lisa Austin at lisa.austin04@gmail.com and we really need your help as we only have one chaperone so far. Thanks so much!

3) I was recently notified that the 5th grade Open House will be on Thursday, April 28. We really need to have a musical presence at this event. In a perfect world, I would love to have the 7th or 8th grade band play for this event (though I know this was not on our original calendar back in September). I will “feel the waters” to see if this is even a possibility. At minimum, I would love to have several 7th and 8th grade ensembles volunteer to play at this event at Discovery (the groups that played at our concert in January). More info later and thanks for your consideration of our needs. Hopefully we can get a solid number of band students to help out.
4) For saxophone players and families (and I guess anyone, for that matter), there is an amazing professional saxophone quartet coming to perform in Ann Arbor on March 26. This group is comprised of university professors but all have a Michigan connection. One performer, Zach Shemon, is a graduate of the Plymouth-Canton Educational Park!
Many thanks and more soon!
Marc Whitlock
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