Important Announcements regarding Spring Concert week

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend with family, friends, and remembrance.

I am writing to share some important announcements and clarifications regarding activities this week that lead up to the concert and the concert night itself. Ok, here goes:

1) Heat and the Auditeria: For the past few years the Auditeria has been hot during our concerts. Each year we call central maintenance about this issue. I know Discovery administration will be calling as well for the concert on Thursday to make sure the air is on but in the past it has been hit or miss with AC. Please dress comfortable as concert attendees. For the students, the dress code policy is still in effect as always, which is formal or business casual (in your handbook and online; no jeans, t-shirts, tennis shoes, flip-lops, boots, etc.). However, because of the potential heat students may wish to lean towards the business casual side of the dress code. Boys do not have to wear a jacket or tie. Polos, khakis, nice shoes are fine. The same for girls as well but be careful with dress/skirt length. District dress code polices are still in effect for concerts. I will not be wearing a suit as I nearly passed out last year under the stage lights.  🙂
Hope this helps.

2) The rehearsal scheduled for Wednesday after school is canceled as I do not believe it is needed at this time. The bands are progressing well.

3) All district-owned instruments that are at your home need to be returned this Thursday evening or Friday before 8am.

4) No devices (cell phones, tablets, gameboys, etc.) are to be used by band students at any time from when they arrive at school until they are dismissed.

5) Concert etiquette: This is a big one. For the concerts this year, there have been student issues when the students have not been on the stage that I’ve had to deal with that a lot this year. Also, there have been etiquette issues with concert goers as well. It is my hope that this email can serve to help everyone have a wonderful experience at the concert and to protect the integrity of the students’ hard work and the recording that is occurring for the legacy of our program. Thank you in advance for reading this and for your cooperation.  OK, here goes:

What Is Good Concert Etiquette?

It is the behavior that is considered appropriate and polite while enjoying or performing a live musical performance. Good concert etiquette shows respect for the conductor, performers, other audience members, and the music that is being performed.

What Should I Do As An Audience Member?

1. Sit quietly and wait for the concert to begin. You may talk softly while you are waiting. Do not talk or make noises during the performance. It can be very distracting to the performers and other audience members.

2. Applaud after each full piece of music has been completed.

3. Sit quietly during the performance. When a performing organization presents a concert, they are putting forth their best effort; and they should expect the same from those in the audience.

4. Keep concert programs quiet during the performance.

5. If you must get up to leave during a concert, do so only at the end of a groups performance or between pieces. It is best if you stay for the entire concert.

6. Cell phones should be turned off or to mute. Watches set to beep on the hour should also be turned off. These high-pitched beeps are distracting to everyone.  Listening to music with earbuds or playing games on a tablet or phone during the performance is impolite to the performers and can be considered rude to other audience members. The light is distracting to everyone. Our etiquette must be better than the audience of a movie theater as we are here to support out children, on and off the stage.

7. Please use discretion in taking photos. Flash photos during a performance are extremely distracting for all.

8. If you are going to video record your child from a device, please do so from the back of the room or on the sides. Please do not use devices at if if you near the center aisle as our videographer, Mrs. Merner, will be using this vertical space to record the students and we do not want devices seen or heard during the video recording.

9. Parents should keep small children seated with them and not allow them to move around during the concert.  If very young children become restless and disrupt others’ ability to listen and enjoy the concert, please take them from the performance area until they are quiet.

10.  Please remove all hats.

What Should I Do As A Performer?

1. While on stage, act as professionally as possible. If mistakes are made make every attempt not to call attention to it.

2. Dress appropriately.

3. Do not wave or talk to performers or audience members.

4. Help others by setting a good example.  Stay quiet.  Keep focused.

5. Sit quietly with hands and feet to yourself, listen and learn. Do not play with devices or toys or other objects. No devices of any kind are allowed.

6. Stay in one place without standing up.

7. Show appreciation for the efforts of other groups.  Be respectful.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

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