Private lessons during summer

Hi all,

Attached is the private lesson instructor info for the summer of 2016 (this may change in the fall).

I highly encourage you to take private lessons when possible, especially in summer when time is more manageable. For those students who are switching instruments and this has been OK’d by me, private lessons are required.

Why take Music lessons with a private lesson instructor?

When students take music and lessons, they learn much more than just how to perform! Parents find that music lessons for kids not only improves their children’s memorization and small motor skills, but strongly contribute to the building of their child’s self-confidence. This in turn helps children succeed not only in music, but also in school and other outside activities. Plus, there is no greater learning than in a one-on-one environment. Students in band who take private lessons excel faster and achieve more of their goals.

A few lessons over the summer can change everything about your child’s growth, development, and especially their self-esteem. No one ever regrets getting good at something. Whatever your summer schedule is, a few summer lessons can probably fit into your plans. For those completely switching instruments, we are looking at weekly lessons of instruction. These instructors will do all they can to make this work for your schedule. Take advantage of this great opportunity!

If you have any problems making your schedule and the listed instructor’s schedule coordinate, or are having any communication problems, please contact me so that I can help solve them. Here is the file with info:

Private Lessons for Summer 2016

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