Bucks for Band 2016-17

Hi everyone,

Many band families would like the choice of donating to the band program instead of selling items. You’re in luck! We have such a program! It is called Bucks for Band and there incentives for parents who donate (just like prizes for the kids who sell cookie dough). We’ve had this program for a few years now and has served well as an option for many families.

Attached are files that explain our program (these files are also in your band handbook). If you decide that this program is for you, many ask how much they should donate. This is completely up to you and what is best for your family. In the files your will see donation levels that will help with your decision.

Also, a recent question has prompted me to share more info with you about our profit margin. If every child sold ten items from the catalogue (at 40% profit margin), the average profit per student is around $68 dollars. If you notice in the Bucks for Band donor levels, there is level that starts at $75. Perhaps this would work for you?

If you decide to help our students by donating, your would write a check to “Discovery Middle School” and in the memo section write “Bucks for Band donation”. It’s that easy!
Please contact our band parent leading this project, Mrs. Tara Aznavorian, at jtaznavorian@gmail.com with any questions and to sign up!

If you participate in this donation program, it would be great to receive the check the same day as cookie dough money on November 14.

Thank you SO much for your time and consideration of this program and whether it is through Bucks for Band or Otis Spunkmeyer, I hope you will consider helping our band students.

With immense appreciation,

Mr. Marc Whitlock
Band Director, Discovery Middle School


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