Fundraiser results, Delivery Date, Volunteers needed

Hi all,
First, sorry for the formatting as it is difficult at times.
I am pleased to share with you the results from our recent cookie dough fundraiser, Bucks for Band donations to date, and cookie dough delivery info.
1) Here are the results from the Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Dough Sale for 2016:

OTIS Numbers: Total Sales Dollars – $14,144

Our Gross Profit (40%): $5,657.60

Internet Total Dollars: $891

Internet Gross Profit: $356.40

Combined Gross: 14,144 + 891 = $15,035

Gross profit Combined:  $6014



GRAND TOTAL PROFIT for BAND = $10,105.00  

For cookie dough, the sales were technically the second lowest profit since we started in 2008, but Bucks for Band donations are WAY up this year. Our goal was to make at least $10,000 and you did it! Kudos to all who participated with cookie dough or Bucks for Band! I am so very grateful to you all.
As an FYI, there is no timeline for Bucks for Band and if you still wish to donate please let me know and I will resend all the info about donation levels and perks for participating. Also, you can contact our Bucks for Band chairperson, Tara Aznavorian, at
Throughout the year we will have other mini-fundraisers such as no-hassle Dine-To-Donate events at restaurants (which I may even cook!), perhaps can donations for recycling, but this was our big event for the year and I am so very grateful to you all!
For the students, our Prize Patrol will occur sometime in late January or early February.
Thank you all!

2) The delivery date is Wednesday, December 14 and your orders will be available in the Auditeria immediately after school, already packaged by students’ names. Your child may pick up the cookie dough before getting on the bus or you may pick up your orders after work. Please note that all orders need to be picked up no later than 6pm to ensure freshness and that the product must placed in your freezer when you get home. Thanks in advance for your planning and promptness.  Also, if any students are in NJHS and need service hours, this is a great opportunity to fulfill this need.


3) We will definitely need parent volunteers if you are available. Many parents noted on their Google info form we did at the beginning of the year that they could help out with this project. Here we are!  🙂

We are looking at having three shifts, with the first shift being most critical. We are also looking for volunteers to take shifts with the distribution of the cookie dough to students and parents. We need several people for this task so lines do not get backed up. The contents of each order will need to be carefully checked and then each parent/child will need to sign for their order upon receipt of their cookie dough.
Shift 1 (critical) = 1:30-3pm (need 5 volunteers)
Shift 2 = 2:50-4:25pm (need 3-4 volunteers)

Shift 3 = 4:15-6pm (need 3-4 volunteers)

The second shift will help in the finalization of orders and then help with the distribution of times at the end of school to students who are riding the bus. The 10 minute overlap between shifts will allow the second shift to explain to the third shift the details of their responsibility.
Trust me, this will be way easier than the old days when we had to organize all the order ourselves and we need about forty volunteers. This newer method is way better and far less parent volunteers are needed.
Please let me know by replying to this email if you can help us with the cookie dough orders. Correct organization and distribution is essential for completion of the cookie dough sale and I would much rather have adults work on this rather than students, as our concert is the very next day.  🙂
NOTE: To say “thank you” seems like the understatement of a lifetime. I am so incredibly grateful to you all for financially supporting our students in all their endeavors. I am beaming with joy over what our community can accomplish. All my thanks.

Mr. Marc Whitlock

Band Director, Discovery Middle School


The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. – William Arthur Ward

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