After-school rehearsals next week

Hi all,

For next week, 6th grade will be at both after-school rehearsals that meet on Tuesday and Wednesday until 5pm.

The 7th grade and 8th grade will also meet on Wednesday until 5pm.

It was surprising to hear from 6th graders that they did not know about any rehearsals, and some did not even know about the concert, though it is discussed in class as well.

As a reminder to all, the band calendar has been communicated in multiple formats:

-As a handout to parents at Curriculum Night.
-As a handout to students in class.
-On the home page of the band website at
-On the Calendar page of the band website at (in text format and in an embedded Google Calendar).
-Printed in the band handbook.
-In the “About” section of each student’s band Google Classroom.
-Numerous announcements.

All the rehearsals and concerts for the year are listed in these formats. Each concert has four rehearsal dates listed for all students and parents to add to their family calendars. As we get closer to each event, I narrow down the rehearsals for specific bands for specific days based on observations and evaluations. We never add to these rehearsals, we only take away/give back time as it has been a long time that a student would have four rehearsals for a concert event.

As stated in the band handbook in the syllabus for grading, these rehearsals are mandatory and part of the student’s grade. We have a lot to do in each grade, but especially in 6th grade, and especially brass. Please make sure these dates are on your calendar and all future dates. I work hard to make sure there are no surprises for you and your family calendar and communication is important to me. Please contact me with any questions.

I am SO excited to see you all next week, meet new faces, put names to faces, and celebrate our children/students!

Thanks and more soon,

Mr. Marc Whitlock
Band Director, Discovery Middle School

The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. – William Arthur Ward

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