Practice challenge for Monday 12/12!

This is also posted on every band student’s Google Classroom and emailed to them as well.

Since we are missing band class on Monday, let’s do a practice challenge!

While this challenge is optional I highly encourage you to participate, but you should be able to do this since I was preaching to everybody to take their instruments on Friday. 😉

Here’s the challenge: Make a video of you practicing for at least 15 minutes and at the end of the video you do a run-through/full performance of one of the songs for our concert that is high-quality. You can’t make a video of a run-through that has tons of this notes and rhythms. Try not to submit to videos. After your 15 minutes of practice just pause the video and then start your run-through.

For 7th and 8th grade bands you have three songs to choose from. For 6th grade woodwinds it must be Jolly Old Saint Nicholas. For 6th grade brass class it must be #45 William Tell overture.
At the beginning of the video you must display an electronic device such as a phone or tablet that has Monday’s date and time. You must hold the device up to the camera to show me that it has Monday’s date, which is December 12, and a time. At the end of the video you must show the date and time once again so I can compare the start and stop times.
Once you have created the 15+ minute video, save it to your Google drive and then “share” the video with me. Do you have saved the video you can click on the share button and enter my email address which is
15 minutes of practice and then a quality run-through of the piece. Got it? Remember this is optional and not mandatory and is meant as an incentive for you to practice on Monday in preparation for our concert this Thursday.
You may be asking, “Incentive? What’s in it for me?”
If you meet all the criteria of this practice challenge, you will get a free pass from doing a practice log ranging from the last week of December through the end of January! A week off from practice in the hopes that you will work really hard on Monday and the rest of this week.
That’s it! The challenge has been set! Are you up for the challenge? Ready, set, GO!

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