Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO) Middle School Honor Band nominations due Tuesday, January 31

Student nominations for the Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO) Middle School Honor Band are due this Tuesday, January 31.  I will make these nominations to the DSO directly. It is imperative that a parent email me and Mr. Wroblewski to let us know if you would like your child to be nominated (his email is listed at the very top). There is a fee involved so the student telling us they want to do participate with this event will not suffice as there is a financial commitment. Here is more info to aid in your decision:

-Spots are limited so only motivated students should apply.
-Once I receive info on student interest from parents I will then rank all interested students for review by the DSO through their nomination form that I will use.
-The actual date for the DSO MS Honor Band rehearsal and concert is Monday, March 13. Accepted students would miss a day of school to rehearse during the day with the concert that evening at 6:30pm.
-Accepted students/directors will be notified via email 1-2 weeks after January 31. For accepted students, the participation fee is $60, which includes a t-shirt and a pizza dinner. The registration fee is due by March 1, 2017 for the Honor Band.
-Since spots are very limited, please only submit your student’s name if they are serious and very eager to participate in this event.  If you decide you wish your child to be nominated, please include if your child has ever taken private lessons and if so for how long, and if they have music achievements to date (DSO questions, not mine). They wish to know as private teachers can also send nominations, not just band directors.
-It’s a great event that past Discovery students have really enjoyed!
-If interested, email us ASAP sharing your child’s interest in this event.

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