Very important info for this week and beyond

Hi all,

I’ll try not to flood your inbox over the next two days but no promises.  🙂
Please read all the info below as all of it is important and some of the info is crucial.

1) As you know, we have an after-school rehearsal Tuesday from 3:10-5:30pm for all bands. We will work on stage transitions and do run-throughs of the concert. I realized that things may be smoother if I just had a couple of volunteer chaperones for the rehearsal. We have not had a rehearsal of this scale in years and just had the idea for help at the rehearsal so I know this request is late. If anyone could help out after school tomorrow/Tuesday please let me know.

2) The 6th grade portion of Tuesday’s rehearsal may not require as much time as 7th and 8th grade and it is possible the 6th grade could leave early. The 6th graders would love this probably, but I know as a parent that this may cause time/ride issues as well. If I do release the 6th graders early, they can use my classroom phone to call home. If they wish they can stay with me in the Auditeria the entire time until 5:30pm as planned if this helps parents. Both scenarios of finishing early (pros and cons) with 6th grade probably exist and whatever works best for you as a family is fine. 7th and 8th grade will go the distance more than likely but I wanted to give you a heads up if your 6th grade child calls earlier than 5:30pm.

3) Many thanks to Donna Anson for coordinating the chaperones for Wednesday’s concert! Also, huge thanks to these parents listed below for chaperoning! However, as you can see, we currently have no 8th grade parents listed. Can any 8th grade parents help us out please? Please contact myself and Donna Anson ( if you can help our 8th graders be successful by supervising them when I am not with them.

Current Chaperones
Tim and Lisa Algren-6th
Donna Anson-6th
Kimberly Brayden-6th
Katie Sandburg-6th

Kathy King-7th
Tracey O’Dowd-7th
Aleasha Peck-7th
Christine Ueno-7th

4) The concert starts at 7:00pm. Doors will not open to the general public until 6:45pm. If you are a Gold or Platinum Bucks for Band member/family please see Amy Lankton at the doors for early admission. Also, any elderly visitors or anyone with special health needs may enter early by being escorted by a parent or student volunteer.

5) We have a big stage setup change before the last musical selection of the evening. During that time it will be sharing info with you and there will be a couple of guest speakers who are not from Discovery so let’s give them our fullest attention and also show them how awesome we are at Discovery!

6) Important: At this concert we will be sharing information regarding all things SJ5K and donations for this life-changing event will be welcomed at the concert.

This is a district-supported charity walk/run that is held on the first Sunday in May each year, which for 2017 is May 7 at 7:45am.  If I can walk a 5K anyone can!  🙂
This incredible event helps families in the Plymouth-Canton area who are going through extreme medical situations and the SJ5K has been a great help to many area families, including my own. More on that later.

For those who wish to donate at the concert, the  district student coordinator of the SJ5K (named Abbey) will have a table set up near the entrance or in the Auditeria. Cash is welcome but if you prefer to donate by check or money order, please make them out to Educational Excellence Foundation, or EEF, with SJ5K in the memo section. Please think about donating to this amazing cause but if not that’s OK too. No pressure.

You will also receive info soon on how to register to participate in the SJ5K, if desired. There is no vocabulary I can use that will explain how you will make a direct difference in someone’s life who is undergoing lots of adversity. Tears of joy from over 3,000 people at last year’s event. Many of our own students and parents were there and know what I am talking about. I hope you will consider joining us this year!

This year, there are seven families that need our help and this is the seventh year of the event. To date, the SJ5K has raised over $270,000 to help our PCCS families dealing with medical diversity. What an amazing accomplishment, as the SJ5K was created by PCEP students! Wow!

There is also a competition between the middle schools for most team members. I want to win! Again!  🙂      Discovery had the most participants of any building in the entire district last year! Love those bragging rights and we can do it again! More info soon and thanks for listening. In the meantime, please check out the video for this event with info on the PCCS families you could help at this link:
To register online or to donate online, go to and click on “The Race” and then click “Register.”

Don’t forget, you can donate at the concert on Wednesday! Any amount, large or small, is welcome. Thank you for your consideration for this local cause. More info soon.

7) Please remember the attendance and dress code policies for students at concerts from your Band Handbook (also located on the home page at

“Attendance to all performances is mandatory. A lowered grade will be assessed for the quarter without an excused absence. Students are responsible for having the proper concert attire and equipment. Concert attire is formal attire or business casual (with formal shoes). Students may wear clothes ranging from “business casual” to formal attire. This will open up possibilities and will allow any purchased clothes to be used for more than one event and if you already have this attire then no extra purchases will be needed.

For boys, the same concert attire policy that is listed above for formal wear applies but you may also dress “business casual” with khaki pants (tan or black), a polo shirt (any color), or regular button up (any color). No specific colors are required. Boys are not required to wear a tie or suit unless so desired. However, formal shoes are needed.

For girls, the same concert attire policy that is listed above for formal wear applies but absolutely no yoga pants or similar clothing is to be worn. For all students, business casual to formal attire is to be school appropriate as defined in the Redbook. However, no t-shirts, no graphic shirts, no sandals, no flip flops, no tennis/athletic shoes, no boots, etc., are to be worn. Common sense. Nice clothes. Dress classy, not sassy.” For me personally, I will be in “business casual” as a recent surgery will not allow me to wear the suit and shoes I normally wear.

If you need any help whatsoever with clothing for your child for our concerts, please contact me immediately and I will provide whatever help is needed.

8) Still lots of missing assignments/playing tests. Please get them to me ASAP and I will give partial credit based on the quality of the work.

9) Finally, we are beginning the plans for a Spring Band Trip for May or June of 2018. More info when available!

That’s all for now and thanks for the long read!

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