Upcoming rehearsals and other info

Hi all,

As you already know there are four after school rehearsals that all students and parents should have on their calendar. On occasion, some students will attend all rehearsals but usually I divide rehearsals for the different bands based on need. After listening to 8th grade this morning, here is the plan for this week only:

May 23 (8th grade BRASS and LOW WOODWINDS until 5pm)

May 24 (7th grade Full Band until 5pm)

I will share the plan for next week’s two after school rehearsals as we get closer but as always plan for all rehearsals listed on the band calendar on our website and communicated back in September and also in the band handbook online.

As stated in the band handbook, please do not call the main office to find out about rehearsals or any band business. This happens way too frequently and this really ties up their time and delays their efficiency to handle pertinent business (and sometimes urgent business) to answer questions that have already been answered. They often have to call me in the middle of class to ask these questions which interrupts our learning process. As always, please contact me directly for any band business.

Also, the students have lots to work on but I am not seeing many instruments going home for the 8th graders and 6th graders. On Friday, there were only nine 8th grade students who picked up their instrument (not counting those students than have a large school-owned instrument at home as well) but yet their practice log says they practiced this weekend with the full amount of minutes but yet these students are often struggling with playing correctly with preparation during class, plus their instrument was here.

Something is not adding up.

Please make your child is practicing at home as much as possible these next two weeks and giving the proper preparation for this class as they would any other class. Leonard Bernstein said it best, “To achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time.”

If the students work hard these next two weeks we should be good for our public performance, but we need all students to go into fourth gear these next two weeks. Looking forward to seeing you at the concert!

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