Important concert info and reminder about rehearsals

Hello all,

As you already know there are two after school rehearsals this week that all students and parents should have on their calendar.

After further reflection, I do not want to have all three bands at both rehearsals (Tuesday until 5pm and Wednesday until 5:30pm). So, I am trusting that the 8th graders will step up like they did the week of the last concert and I will excuse the 8th graders on Tuesday.

-Tuesday, May 30 until 5pm for 6th and 7th grade bands

As for Wednesday May 31 until 5:30pm, the 8th graders will definitely be in attendance as this is our rehearsal with guest performers. As for 6th and 7th graders, it will depend on their rehearsal on Tuesday. I do not wish to rehearse for the sake of rehearsing, so if the 6th and 7th grade do really well on Tuesday, it is possible I may not need them for the next day but I will have to wait to assess their preparation on Tuesday.

6th graders (especially 6th hour) were struggling with aftershock tempo and 7th graders has issues with transitions in Harry Potter. Hopefully they have worked hard and have ironed out many

For now, all three bands should plan on Wednesday until 5:30pm unless you hear otherwise from me.

Here are the report times for students for Thursday’s Spring Concert. As a reminder, these report times/timeliness are also part of the student’s grade. Here are the times:

-6th grade: Please be on the stage with instruments by 6:05pm. I will take attendance and do a concert attire inspection before our mini-rehearsal.

-7th grade: Be ready to play and tuned in the band room by 6:25pm (not arriving at that time, but fully ready to play). I will rehearse with you, take attendance, and do a concert attire inspection. Make sure to warmup and tune.

-8th grade: Be ready in the choir room by 6:35pm with instruments ready to play (not arriving at that time, but fully ready to play). After I am finished with 7th grade I will come to rehearse, take attendance, and do a concert attire inspection. Make sure to warmup and tune. After our short rehearsal, you will go to chairs by the Snack Shack line.

Volunteer Chaperones: Please meet Donna Anson and I at 6:30pm in the band hall outside the band room and we will discuss your responsibilities.

Performances and Concert Attire (from the band handbook):

Attendance to all performances is mandatory. A lowered grade will be assessed for the quarter without an excused absence. Students are responsible for having the proper concert attire and equipment. Concert attire is formal attire or business casual (with formal shoes). Students may wear clothes ranging from “business casual” to formal attire. This will open up possibilities and will allow any purchased clothes to be used for more than one event and if you already have this attire then no extra purchases will be needed.

For boys, the same concert attire policy that is listed above for formal wear applies but you may also dress “business casual” with khaki pants (tan or black), a polo shirt (any color), or regular button up (any color). No specific colors are required. Boys are not required to wear a tie or suit unless so desired. However, formal shoes are needed. For girls, the same concert attire policy that is listed above for formal wear applies but absolutely no yoga pants or similar clothing is to be worn.

For all students, business casual to formal attire is to be school appropriate as defined in the Redbook. However, no t- shirts, no graphic shirts, no sandals, no flip flops, no tennis/athletic shoes, no boots, etc., are to be worn. Common sense. Nice clothes. Dress classy, not sassy.

Students not meeting this dress code may not be allowed to perform and may have a reduction in grade.

As stated in the band handbook, please do not call the main office to find out about rehearsals or any band business. This happens way too frequently and this really ties up the office staff’s time and delays their efficiency to handle pertinent business (and sometimes urgent business) to answer questions that have already been answered by me. They often have to call me in the middle of class to ask these questions which interrupts our learning process. As always, please contact me directly for any band business. Phone is fastest and the number is below.

Sorry for all the reminders but so many infractions occur that take my time away from students and music so I want to make sure to clearly communicate the expectations once again. If there any questions or you need clarification, please contact me.

MANY thanks to you all and I am excited for our concert! It is both a joyous and melancholy event as it is the final performance of the year and the last time I will be with the 8th graders on stage.  May this concert be a wonderful time and musical celebration for us all.

With great appreciation for you all,
Mr. Marc Whitlock

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