Peformance request for October 25

Hello 7th and 8th grade families,

We have just received a performance request from the Educational Excellence Foundation (EEF) to perform at they annual Showcase of Grants exhibition.
The Discovery Band has received educational grants from the EEF for the past few years and they are asking us to play some of the music and share the talents of our students, who are the recipients of the EEF grants.
The event is at the Plymouth Cultural Center on Wednesday, October 25th from 5:30-7pm.
The event will be in an open-house format with no formal presentations. Our students would be visible and audible but not in the spotlight like at our concerts as there will be otters displays occurring at the same time.
The Good news: We have many 7th/8th solo and ensemble groups performing the day before at our recitals concert here at Discovery so the music will be ready to go.
The Bad News: I have a 6th grade concert that very same evening and I will not be able to personally attend. The students will not need me as a conductor for this event so there is no issue there.  I would need the students to take stands and their music. Most importantly, I would need several dedicated parents to serve as chaperones for this event since I cannot attend. Parents would drop off their children and check-in and check-out with these dedicated volunteers. I would assign specific volunteer parents to specific student groups for organizational purposes.
I think this would be a easy gig for the students without any big pressure.
The EEF has been really been good to us over the years and I would like for us to give back if we can. As mentioned to students today, their ensembles (most of which are trios) need at least two or all three members to be able to play.
Please talk about this as a family as I will be soliciting performers starting next week.
Many thanks for your consideration and more soon!
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