Reminders for a BIG week in the Discovery Band!

Hi all,
I thought I would play it safe and send you reminders for a big week for our band program. Several items to turn in this week. Appropriate docs are attached. Also, all checks/money orders for every activity at Discovery (not just band) are to be made out to the payee “Plymouth-Canton Community Schools”.  OK, here goes:
For Monday, October 2
-Polo shirt order form and $15 check/money order is due for all grade levels so we can organize and collate for this mass order. Between the online form and the paper form (wanting everyone to do both for backup purposes) we received only 32% so far and hopefully this will be 100% tomorrow. In the “Memo” or “For” section of the check, please be sure to notate that it is for Band Polo Shirt. I have two forms for each 8.5×11 sheet, so only fill out one for sizing and payment information.
-First practice log is due for 7th and 8th graders (120 total minutes for this last week). Each student received two printed practice log. That log is attached for students to print (in library) or for parents to print for their child the week before it is due.
For Wednesday, October 4
-The Michigan School and Band Association (MSBOA) information is due on this day. The $8 check (for an ensemble member) or the $10 check (for a soloist) should be made out to PCCS as stated earlier. Initial participation as of now is lower than it’s ever been (just two years ago we had 93 participants and right now we are at 24 students) but it is my hope that we will get more involved as this is a fantastic way to start achieving outside of the classroom.
-For those wishing to attend our Zap Zone event the following week, $20 cash is due on 10/4 or earlier. Tickets will be given to students to bring to Zap Zone to turn in for a wrist band. Collecting the cash for tickets early allows Zap Zone to know how to properly staff the event. The is the only event for the year in which we will take cash (as this is Zap Zone’s preference). All other events will be check or money order.
For Thursday, October 5
-BD’s Mongolian Grill Night! Please come and join us for a wonderful time of getting to know each other and getting to heckle your band director! Most of the band directors for the district will be present. BD’s will donate 20% of each bill accompanied by the attached flyer to our PCCS Band programs. While this will be divided by six groups and may not give a ton of profit to Discovery, it is a great way to share stories about band, get to know each other, and start building our band family in a non-concert setting. I hope you can join us!
For Monday, October 9
-Zap Zone Night! Arrive and depart anytime between 4-7pm. Students need to bring their ticket with them but if there is any issue or concern on the day of the event please contact Mr. Whitlock or see him at Zap Zone. We can almost always solve any issue.
Oh, we are still in need of a few chaperones for this Zap Zone event. I only have one so far, a brand new 6th grade band parent. We will need a few more to make sure this event can still happen. Truthfully, it is the easiest chaperoning event of the year. Please let me know by detaching the slip on the Zap Zone info form or by replying here.
Lots going on and I look forward to seeing the wonderful parents of our awesome students later this week.
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