Concert attire/dress code addendum with videos

Hi all,

I am adding an addendum with clarification to the concert attire/dress code for students to wear at concerts for the 2017-18 school year.
The concert attire/dress code sheet you received for students has not changed. It is also located on the front page of our website and also in the students’ Google Classroom. However I am adding this addendum for clarification:
No t- shirts, no graphic shirts, no sandals, no flip flops, no tennis/athletic shoes, no boots, etc., are to be worn. Common sense. Nice clothes. Dress classy, not sassy.

Students not meeting this dress code may not be allowed to perform and may have a reduction in grade. Parents should contact Mr. Whitlock with any questions.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please let me know immediately. It is imperative that no issues appear on the night of the concert as this detracts from the experience of the students and director. I will make one of our after school rehearsals in December a “dress rehearsal” for students to wear the exact attire for what they will wearing the upcoming concert(s) so all issues will be ironed out well before the concert. If there are issues I will let the child and parent know. If there are any questions from parents regarding dress attire, please contact me ASAP.
To help with this process, there are videos/pics of two of our students in their dress attire for the concert. This should help immensely. These videos were sent via our email blast. Please contact Mr. Whitlock if you need access to these videos and he will verify your parental status and make them available to you.
Thank you,
Marc Whitlock
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