6th/7th grade families: Concert attire inspection

Hello 6th and 7th grade families,
Yesterday we had our 8th grade concert attire dress code inspection and it did not go as well as hoped. Only 32% of the students were in correct concert attire and received full credit. Students and families are now rushed to get this done in a couple of days to receive credit. If you read the concert attire sheet and the dress code addendum sent via email/website/Google Classroom/Facebook, all will be good.
We had 11 students redo the concert attire dress code inspection today in homeroom and did well. They simply did not read the dress code thoroughly enough.
I tell you all this to make sure you/your child is successful next week for their concert attire dress code inspection. It is important that our students and band families are reliable and dependable with this task. As always, if you have any other questions or if I can be of any help at all, please do not hesitate to contact me.   It’s why I’m here.
I would rather respond to the task at hand than react to it, as we learned yesterday with the 8th graders. As a reminder, 6th grade rehearsal/dress code inspection is after school on Tuesday and 7th grade rehearsal/dress code inspection is after school on Wednesday, during their respective rehearsals.
If you wish to communicate with me about dress code, please call my classroom phone at 734-416-7960.
Thank you,
Marc Whitlock
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