Band homework on snow day

Yes, I ‘m sure that was a popular subject line.  🙂

Parents and Guardians, please make sure your child practices on Thursday during the snow day. The concert is next week and every child in each band knows what they need to work on.

I am most focused on 7th grade as we lost our after-school rehearsal today and this is when we combine the two classes without sharing time with another band. It i harder than you may think to get them to play together in this limited, combined time. The percussion parts are particularly challenging.

This may affect Monday to some degree but I will see how all bands play on Friday to see how I move forward.

8th grade: Work on Transitions in Hello Goodbye and do full run-though of Hello Goodbye and Sleigh Ride

7th grade: Chant and Fire Ritual: ms.1-13 and ms. 49-57…very exposed and transparent. Review with resource recording.

6th grade: Focus on any segment with counting and fingerings that are still giving you trouble.

All Bands: Do full run-throughs and make notes in problematic areas

Many thanks and drive safely!

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