More reminders for next week and beyond

Hi everyone,

The in-school concert is over and the student audience loved our band kids! It is my sincerest hope that everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend with family and friends!
A few upcoming items to discuss:
1) The last practice log is this Tuesday (Yayyy!).  However, if there are students missing assignments or need to make up assignments they may continue to record practice logs for the next two weeks. There are many missing assignments for all three bands.
2) For the concert next Thursday, all band members must wear the full dress code as has been the norm for other evening concerts.
Here are the report times for students for Thursday’s Spring Concert. As a reminder, these report times/timeliness are also part of the student’s grade. Here are the times:

-6th grade: Please be on the stage with instruments by 6:15pm. I will take attendance and do a concert attire inspection before our mini-rehearsal.

-7th grade: Be ready to play and tuned in the band room by 6:30pm (not arriving at that time, but fully ready to play). I will rehearse with you, take attendance, and do a concert attire inspection. Make sure to warmup and tune.

-8th grade: Be ready in the choir room by 6:40pm with instruments ready to play (not arriving at that time, but fully ready to play). After I am finished with 7th grade I will come to rehearse, take attendance, and do a concert attire inspection. Make sure to warmup and tune. After our short rehearsal, you will go to chairs by the Snack Shack line.

3) Mrs. Peck will contact the chaperones for next Thursday’s concert and touch base with you.
4) Several students were not here today and being the holiday weekend that is not completely unexpected. However, this definitely affects us is many ways and I can make certain adjustments in some cases. Calling the main office about an absence doesn’t help the band so if your child is going to be gone on the day of the concert or after-school rehearsal due to a school absence for illness, etc., please give me a courtesy call or email. If known way in advance the Request For Excused Absence Form would be appropriate as the accepted reasons are listed.  MANY thanks to so many students and parents who delayed their plans so their child could perform today and left for the weekend after the concert. I am very grateful for this investment for our students’ success! In the future, we will try to avoid an in-school concert before Memorial Day weekend and I have already spoken to admin about this.
5) There will be no 6th grade band practice after school on Tuesday, May 29th. As you may recall, I also had the 8th grade band listed here as well.
For Tuesday, the 8th grade trumpets will rehearse with me after school on Tuesday, May 29, from 3:00-4:30. They know this.
6) 7th grade will NOT rehearse after-school on Wednesday, May 30th. They are awesome right now.
7) There are several students/families that borrowed clothing from our Discovery Band Clothing Bank to be concert dress code compliant. I would like to have these articles of clothing cleaned and returned by Monday, June 4.
8) For all students who play school-owned instruments at home, we will turn in these instruments on June 4. All instruments at students’ homes need to be returned promptly on June 4 so please make transportation accommodations now.
Last, but certainly not least, thank you for sharing your children with me. I am often humbled by great days like today and realize that our band students are wonderful and I sometimes take that for granted. I thank you for supporting them in band. Through all the ups and downs of school and middle school life, they are great kids and I am truly blessed by knowing them.
May you all have a safe and wonderful Memorial Day weekend with dear friends and family. See you next week.

Mr. Marc Whitlock

Band Director, Discovery Middle School


The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. – William Arthur Ward

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