Details for tonight’s Instrument Pick-up and Beginning Band Parent Meeting

Hello 6th grade parents,

A couple of reminders regarding Tuesday night’s instrument pick-up and beginning band parent meeting:

-We begin at 6 PM with the band parent meeting. If there is room we will start in the band room. If there is not room we will move to the Auditeria. We will cover more details than we could at the Curriculum Night.

-Please bring a credit card or checkbook with you to set up instrument payments and also to purchase required music materials such as the band method book, cleaning kit, and wire music stand.

-Even if you already have an instrument it is important that you have all the materials. All parents were given the basic supplies list at Curriculum Night last week. If a student does not have their instrument care kit then we really can’t have them starting class as they will not have the necessary materials for daily maintenance.

-Students do not need to be there for the meeting but you do need to get the combination to their lock and their band locker number so that we can put the instruments and classroom materials immediately in their locker. I want Wednesday during class to be the first time we assemble everything together.

-Even if you think you have everything it is our first band parent meeting and it’s important that we get to know each other and that you have an understanding of what band really is at Discovery and some of my philosophies regarding education in band.

-We start with instruments on Wednesday during class.

-I had a call today that stated that no adult from their family could be at the meeting because “they had more important things to do.” They wanted me to give them the “gist” of it over the phone in five minutes. It is important that band is a priority in your child’s life. Not necessarily THE priority, but a priority. If the adults in the home don’t support their child learning this new and sometimes challenging skill, the class will have far less impact and meaning to the child. He is present and invested in this process as you possibly can. The child will never forget it.

-I am amazingly excited to get the process started with learning to play an instrument! This will be frustrating for them for quite a while so please encourage patience. No one will be good for quite a long time. As I say in class, every flower blooms when it supposed to and not before. 🙂

-ALL Forms handed out at Curriculum Night are on the home page of this website.

Those are the basics but if you have any questions please feel free to call me at 734-416-7960 or email me at

Phone is much faster as I am overflowing with email and I’m finding it difficult to catch up. Three hours of email after work on almost a daily basis and I’m still not scratching the surface. Calling is quickest. 🙂

I’m excited to meet you all tomorrow night and start working with the kids with instruments on Wednesday! GO BAND!

Mr. Marc Whitlock

Band Director, Discovery Middle School


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