Calendar updated for upcoming after-school rehearsals

You may go to this site for details:  and click on the event itself on the Google calendar.
-6th grade: After-school  on Monday, May 20 and Wednesday, May 22 from 3-5pm

-7th grade: After-school  on Tuesday 5/14, Wednesday 5/15 (both are recording rehearsals), Monday 5/20, and Wednesday 5/22, all scheduled from 3-5pm

-8th grade: After-school  on Wednesday, May 22 from 3-5pm

Attendance policy has been clearly communicated in many formats during the year. Please refer to the band handbook and other materials emailed to you and at the links provided at on the red folder with the eagle logo, which is also at

I’m greatly looking forward to this push to the end as the music is significant, we are working through our growing pains, and we are greatly anticipating our final concert of the year on May 23 at 7pm. See you then!

With thanks,
Marc Whitlock

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