Video and 7 Keys to Effective Practice Time

Watch Amy, a French horn player, go through her practice session in this video:

Each time you sit down to practice, remember to:

  1. Be organized: Work in the same space with a good chair, a music stand, and metronome. Have your book, music sheets, and class notes. Make sure your instrument is in good working order.
  2. Set goals: For example: “I want to learn the Ab scale,” or “I want to be able to play from measure 20-30 in this song.”
  3. Know how to practice: Go through the Exercises and Self-Guided Listening Questions for your type of instrument:
    1. Winds: Exercises and Listening Questions
    2. Percussion: Exercises and Listening Questions

In addition, throughout the practice, remember to:

  1. Listen: Grade yourself carefully and honestly.
  2. Concentrate: Stay focused on each part of the practice. Remove distractions.
  3. Slow down: Playing through a song quickly just to get it done will not make you better. And worse: Mistakes that are not fixed will become bad habits.
  4. Be patient with yourself. It takes time. Remember: When you practice carefully and regularly, you will become a great musician.

Perfect practice makes perfect!

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