Band homework on snow day

Yes, I ‘m sure that was a popular subject line.  🙂

Parents and Guardians, please make sure your child practices on Thursday during the snow day. The concert is next week and every child in each band knows what they need to work on.

I am most focused on 7th grade as we lost our after-school rehearsal today and this is when we combine the two classes without sharing time with another band. It i harder than you may think to get them to play together in this limited, combined time. The percussion parts are particularly challenging.

This may affect Monday to some degree but I will see how all bands play on Friday to see how I move forward.

8th grade: Work on Transitions in Hello Goodbye and do full run-though of Hello Goodbye and Sleigh Ride

7th grade: Chant and Fire Ritual: ms.1-13 and ms. 49-57…very exposed and transparent. Review with resource recording.

6th grade: Focus on any segment with counting and fingerings that are still giving you trouble.

All Bands: Do full run-throughs and make notes in problematic areas

Many thanks and drive safely!

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Early Dismissal at 1pm for Discovery MS

Early Dismissal at 1pm for Discovery MS per PCCS. Be safe out there!

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URGENT: 7th grade after-school rehearsal cancelled

Due to the impending snowstorm, today’s after-school band rehearsal is cancelled for safety reasons. The 7th graders and I will be meeting during homeroom today and we will do the concert attire inspection during class.

Drive safe and be well!
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6th/7th grade families: Concert attire inspection

Hello 6th and 7th grade families,
Yesterday we had our 8th grade concert attire dress code inspection and it did not go as well as hoped. Only 32% of the students were in correct concert attire and received full credit. Students and families are now rushed to get this done in a couple of days to receive credit. If you read the concert attire sheet and the dress code addendum sent via email/website/Google Classroom/Facebook, all will be good.
We had 11 students redo the concert attire dress code inspection today in homeroom and did well. They simply did not read the dress code thoroughly enough.
I tell you all this to make sure you/your child is successful next week for their concert attire dress code inspection. It is important that our students and band families are reliable and dependable with this task. As always, if you have any other questions or if I can be of any help at all, please do not hesitate to contact me.   It’s why I’m here.
I would rather respond to the task at hand than react to it, as we learned yesterday with the 8th graders. As a reminder, 6th grade rehearsal/dress code inspection is after school on Tuesday and 7th grade rehearsal/dress code inspection is after school on Wednesday, during their respective rehearsals.
If you wish to communicate with me about dress code, please call my classroom phone at 734-416-7960.
Thank you,
Marc Whitlock
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Junior Guard 2018

Hello everyone,
There is a PCCS activity that I highly recommend to middle school students who would like to learn more about dance or for those who are already good but wish to go to the next level.
As an FYI, I receive so many requests to pass info on to families and I am very selective on which activities I endorse. I highly recommend the Junior Guard as an activity for your child. While there are practices listed on the attached image, they know that you may have previously scheduled activities that may conflict with a practice and they are happy to work with you on this.
Feel free to reach out to them with any questions and please let me know if I can be of any help.
Mr. WhitlockJunior Guard
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Cookie dough delivery date is Tuesday, December 12!

Hi all,

Word just came in. Our delivery is scheduled for one week from today, Tuesday, December 12th!
Cookie dough will be available immediately after school until 6pm.

It is important that all orders are picked up no later than 6pm. Please make arrangements now to have your cookie dough/food orders picked up so volunteers and teachers do not have to call to track people down as this scenario has often happened in the past. We will do all we can to have the order complete by 2:58 pm (in case the order is small enough for your child to take on the bus) but there is no guarantee this can happen as it depends on the truck delivery being on time, the number of volunteers we have, etc. However, orders are being delivered and are pre-packaged by students’ names so this will save time.

This is a good transition to my next topic. We are in need of volunteers to help sort all of the orders and help with distribution to families. We are also looking for volunteers to take shifts with the distribution of the cookie dough to students and parents. We need several people for this task so lines do not get backed up. The contents of each order will need to be carefully checked and then each parent/child will need to sign for their order upon receipt of their cookie dough.

As Uncle Sam would say, “We need you!”  🙂

We are looking for several volunteers for each shift. Here are the time frames needed for volunteers:

Shift 1 = 1:30-3:15pm (organizing)
Shift 2 = 3:00-4:45pm (distribution and sign-out)
Shift 3 = 4:30-6pm  (distribution and sign-out)
Yes, there are 15 minute overlaps to help train volunteers for the next shift. However, if volunteers wish to do more than one shift you may feel free to do so. In a perfect world, we would love a few volunteers from the Shift 1 to also help in the beginnings of Shift 2 to help keep the transition flowing smoothly.
If we can get around 15 volunteers we will be in great shape. Our parents and extended band family have always done a great job helping our students and please consider this most needed volunteer opportunity as a special way to help our kids. If you are willing and able to help, please contact Aleasha Peck at to sign up. MANY thanks in advance!
Also, if NJHS students would like volunteer hours by helping people with getting the cookie dough from the Auditeria to their car, this may be an ideal opportunity for you. Students, see Mr. Whitlock if you are interested.

Many thanks for your consideration of our great need!

Mr. Marc Whitlock



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Dress code addendum #2

Hello all,

Students of all grades are starting to bring their dress clothes to school to have me review the clothes to make sure their outfit is compliant with the concert dress code. I applaud these families double-checking in advance.

I am seeing several pants made of denim. For clarification, denim and jeans are basically the same and are not dress pants or concert attire . Also, for girls, what a female may wear to school such as leggings/tights/yoga pants is not appropriate for a concert setting.

Thanks so much and see you soon,
Mr. Marc Whitlock

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