More reminders for next week and beyond

Hi everyone,

The in-school concert is over and the student audience loved our band kids! It is my sincerest hope that everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend with family and friends!
A few upcoming items to discuss:
1) The last practice log is this Tuesday (Yayyy!).  However, if there are students missing assignments or need to make up assignments they may continue to record practice logs for the next two weeks. There are many missing assignments for all three bands.
2) For the concert next Thursday, all band members must wear the full dress code as has been the norm for other evening concerts.
Here are the report times for students for Thursday’s Spring Concert. As a reminder, these report times/timeliness are also part of the student’s grade. Here are the times:

-6th grade: Please be on the stage with instruments by 6:15pm. I will take attendance and do a concert attire inspection before our mini-rehearsal.

-7th grade: Be ready to play and tuned in the band room by 6:30pm (not arriving at that time, but fully ready to play). I will rehearse with you, take attendance, and do a concert attire inspection. Make sure to warmup and tune.

-8th grade: Be ready in the choir room by 6:40pm with instruments ready to play (not arriving at that time, but fully ready to play). After I am finished with 7th grade I will come to rehearse, take attendance, and do a concert attire inspection. Make sure to warmup and tune. After our short rehearsal, you will go to chairs by the Snack Shack line.

3) Mrs. Peck will contact the chaperones for next Thursday’s concert and touch base with you.
4) Several students were not here today and being the holiday weekend that is not completely unexpected. However, this definitely affects us is many ways and I can make certain adjustments in some cases. Calling the main office about an absence doesn’t help the band so if your child is going to be gone on the day of the concert or after-school rehearsal due to a school absence for illness, etc., please give me a courtesy call or email. If known way in advance the Request For Excused Absence Form would be appropriate as the accepted reasons are listed.  MANY thanks to so many students and parents who delayed their plans so their child could perform today and left for the weekend after the concert. I am very grateful for this investment for our students’ success! In the future, we will try to avoid an in-school concert before Memorial Day weekend and I have already spoken to admin about this.
5) There will be no 6th grade band practice after school on Tuesday, May 29th. As you may recall, I also had the 8th grade band listed here as well.
For Tuesday, the 8th grade trumpets will rehearse with me after school on Tuesday, May 29, from 3:00-4:30. They know this.
6) 7th grade will NOT rehearse after-school on Wednesday, May 30th. They are awesome right now.
7) There are several students/families that borrowed clothing from our Discovery Band Clothing Bank to be concert dress code compliant. I would like to have these articles of clothing cleaned and returned by Monday, June 4.
8) For all students who play school-owned instruments at home, we will turn in these instruments on June 4. All instruments at students’ homes need to be returned promptly on June 4 so please make transportation accommodations now.
Last, but certainly not least, thank you for sharing your children with me. I am often humbled by great days like today and realize that our band students are wonderful and I sometimes take that for granted. I thank you for supporting them in band. Through all the ups and downs of school and middle school life, they are great kids and I am truly blessed by knowing them.
May you all have a safe and wonderful Memorial Day weekend with dear friends and family. See you next week.

Mr. Marc Whitlock

Band Director, Discovery Middle School


The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. – William Arthur Ward

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8th graders going to Cedar Point

Check your email for the latest info….

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NEW date for the Mid-Winter Concert!

Hello Band Family,

After reviewing many calendars here at Discovery and hearing from parents regarding scheduling conflicts, there is no evening that seems to work for rescheduling the band concert. While we do require mandatory attendance for the students for these planned dates on the calendar, a rescheduling due to weather is a little gray to say the least with regard to making this work for everyone.
Therefore, we will be having our rescheduled concert during the day. Specifically, we will begin the concert in the Auditeria on Monday, March 12 at 8:15am with the 6th/7th grade bands, I will then dismiss those grades to go to first hour, we will take a short pause and then begin with the 8th grade band at the beginning of first hour at approximately 8:40am. Students may wear normal school clothes for this concert.
I will take most “extras” out that I had planned so we can move the concert along in a timely fashion. Less talking on my part as well. 🙂
However, we will have our rep from the mattress company visiting us as they require a parent meeting (5-8 minutes) to do this fundraiser. They understand this is a “Plan B” scenario and they are good with this backup plan.
More info later on purchasing a DVD of this concert.
For all parents, if you can join us for this makeup concert please do so. The entrance/exit plan for this event is that parents will use the doors that face the drop-off loop as these doors lead directly into the Auditeria. Parents may park as they normally do for a concert and also on the side of the building by the tennis courts.
Many thanks for your understanding and patience as we explore options to make our students successful. Thanks so much and see you Monday!
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Possible third option

We just discovered a possible third option for the concert rescheduling…..more later today or tomorrow.

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URGENT: Tonight’s concert is canceled due to weather

Hello Band Family,
With regret, I must inform you that tonight’s concert has been canceled due to weather, along with all the other activities as well. Safety and health first always. However, all the bands have been great and our momentum is very high right now. The students are playing so well right now.
We will look into rescheduling our concert as all the other activities will look to reschedule as well. This happened to the high school band earlier this year and they found a way to make it work and so will the Discovery Bands.
Though I am disappointed, hopefully having everyone home will keep us safe and off the roads to avoid accidents.  Be well everyone and more info soon.
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Reminders for the Mid-Winter concert!

Hi all,

-Concert music begins at 7pm

-Concert Dress is the same as last time, polos and all black. (we should have this perfect by now).

-Doors open for parents at 6:45pm.

Here are the report times for students for the Mid-Winter Concert. As a reminder, these report times/arriving on time are also part of the student’s grade. Here are the times:
–6th grade: Please be on the stage with instruments completely ready by 6:15pm. I will take attendance and do a concert attire inspection before our mini-rehearsal.

–7th grade: Be ready to play and tuned in the band room by 6:30pm (not arriving at that time, but fully ready to play). I will rehearse with you, take attendance, and do a concert attire inspection. Make sure to warmup and tune.

–8th grade:  Be ready to play and tuned in the band room by 6:45pm (not arriving at that time, but fully ready to play). After I am finished with 7th grade I will come to rehearse, take attendance, and do a concert attire inspection. Make sure to warmup and tune.

-All students will stay for the entire concert from start to finish of all three bands. This is part of their concert requirement and the expectation of supporting all our teammates.

-We will have a few guest speakers, so let’s make sure to listen with courtesy and kindness.

-Important: This concert will be recorded in audio and video formats, and the audio portion will be used as audition material for events for next year. Please make every effort to make sure that small children are not making loud sounds during our performance.

Performances and Concert Attire (from the band handbook):
Attendance to all performances is mandatory. A lowered grade will be assessed for the quarter without an excused absence.

Students not meeting this dress code may not be allowed to perform and may have a reduction in grade.

As stated in the band handbook, please do not call the main office to find out about rehearsals or any band business. This happens way too frequently and this really ties up the office staff’s time and delays their efficiency to handle pertinent business (and sometimes urgent business) to answer questions that have already been answered by me. They often have to call me in the middle of class to ask these questions which interrupts our learning process. As always, please contact me directly for any band business. Phone is fastest and the number is below.

A reminder about concert etiquette:

What Is Good Concert Etiquette?

It is the behavior that is considered appropriate and polite while enjoying or performing a live musical performance. Good concert etiquette shows respect for the conductor, performers, other audience members, and the music that is being performed.



What Should I Do As An Audience Member?

  1. Sit quietly and wait for the concert to begin. You may talk softly while you are waiting. Do not talk or make noises during the performance. It can be very distracting to the performers and other audience members.
  2. Applaud after each full piece of music has been completed.
  3. Sit quietly during the performance. When a performing organization presents a concert, they are putting forth their best effort; and they should expect the same from those in the audience.
  4. Keep concert programs quiet during the performance.
  5. If you must get up to leave during a concert, do so only at the end of a group’s performance or between pieces. It is best if you stay for the entire concert.
  6. Cell phones should be turned off or to mute. Watches set to beep on the hour should also be turned off. These high-pitched beeps are distracting to everyone.  Listening to music with earbuds or playing games on a tablet or phone during the performance is impolite to the performers and can be considered rude to other audience members. The light is distracting to everyone. Our etiquette must be better than the audience of a movie theater as we are here to support out children, on and off the stage.
  7. Please use discretion in taking photos. Flash photos during a performance are extremely distracting for all.
  8. If you are going to video record your child from a device, please do so from the back of the room or on the sides. Please do not use devices at if you are near the center aisle as our videographer, Mrs. Merner, will be using this vertical space to record the students and we do not want devices seen or heard during the video recording.
  9. Parents should keep small children seated with them and not allow them to move around during the concert.  If very young children become restless and disrupt others’ ability to listen and enjoy the concert, please take them from the performance area until they are quiet.
  10. Please remove all hats.




What Should I Do As A Performer?

  1. While on stage, act as professionally as possible. If mistakes are made make every attempt not to call attention to it.
  2. Dress appropriately.
  3. Do not wave or talk to performers or audience members.
  4. Help others by setting a good example.  Stay quiet.  Keep focused.
  5. Sit quietly with hands and feet to yourself, listen and learn. Do not play with devices or toys or other objects. No devices of any kind are allowed.
  6. Stay in one place without standing up.
  7. Show appreciation for the efforts of other groups.  Be respectful.

Thanks for your patience with all the reminders but so many infractions occur that take my time away from students and music so I want to make sure to clearly communicate the expectations once again. If there any questions or you need clarification, please contact me.

I am SO excited to see you all at the concert!

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Blue Lake scholarship auditions on Monday, February 5

Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp summer scholarship auditions are on Monday, February 5. For students who are interested, auditions will happen during class. We are having them earlier this year to make sure there are plenty of scholarships available as the amount can diminish later in the year.

There is no commitment whatsoever to attend the summer arts camp by doing the scholarship audition. It is simply to see if a student performs well enough to earn a scholarship. Usually takes 2-3 weeks to find out. Any music that the student is comfortable to play is fine to play for the audition. Any music from our last concert or the upcoming concert will do nicely, as well as solo and ensemble music.

In the past, we have had several Discovery Middle School Band students participate in the Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp. Student testimonials have been very positive about the overall experience.

For more info about the camp, please go to

This has also been updated on the band calendar at

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