Why Band Matters


  • Band gives kids a place to belong.
  • Band is a family – a lot of students don’t have a support system in my district and this helps them “belong” to something.
  • Band is a home to many kids who don’t feel accepted elsewhere.
  • Band provides community and a place where kids can feel confident and safe.
  • It gives kids a sense of belonging especially if they don’t have their own family.
  • It’s a home for my kids.
  • It’s teamwork, ownership, and talent all rolled into the surname of FAMILY.
  • Band matters because you build friendships and skills to carry you though life – wherever it takes you.
  • Kids, especially middle school kids, need to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

Creativity & Expression

  • Band enhances creative thinking and is an enriching creative outlet.
  • Band gives us the chance to create beauty, elicit emotion, create that work of art through music.
  • It allows expression without words.
  • It teaches skills not reached in other content areas. Artistic expression is something our society is in desperate need of … and fosters creative thought and growth.
  • Band helps create a family of musicians while helping students learn to cope with life through creating art.
  • Because it allows us to teach love, joy, and humanity to the next generation.
  • It gives students an outlet to be creative and be involved in something other than athletics. It improves brain synapses.

Life Skills

  • We teach excellence in all things by achieving excellence in small things.
  • Band allows students a chance to practice emotions, fine motor skills, discipline, rigor, and persistence.
  • Band is a safe place where all students can develop discipline, teamwork and the love of making music together.
  • Band is collaborative! It teaches patience, persistence, and responsibility.
  • In a world of instant gratification, it teaches students how to handle failure and keep on going.
  • It teaches all the skills needed to succeed in life.
  • It teaches life long skills and builds life long relationships.
  • It’s a place to belong that insists on respect, perseverance, forgiveness, compassion, and positive outlook.
  • Students get to learn skills needed in today’s workplace: critical thinking, teamwork, leadership and social skills.
  • Students in band learn so much more than music (which is proven to impact brain power!).  They learn self discipline, team skills, goal setting, and work ethic.
  • Teaches focused concentration, grit, cooperation and shared responsibility; gives an emotional outlet.
  • Band is not only good for the brain, but a student’s first apprenticeship opportunity.


  • Band matters because it gives students balance at school where importance is placed so heavily on academic performance.
  • Band matters to balance our education.  It incorporates science, math and physical activity.
  • Band matters because it becomes the reason why some students strive to do well in school so they can participate in the things they love.
  • Not every student experiences success in the academic classroom. Band is a great way for students to experience success.
  • It can be the area that shines for non academic students and enriches the lives of everyone.
  • Band also serves all, whether it is a student who does it all (3 sports, NHS, choir, drama, band, etc.) or someone who loves music and just music.
  • Band is an activity that involves all students at all levels of interest and ability.

Team Work

  • Band matters because every kids plays and contributes to the team. Every kid is engaged and participating and can enjoy the final product.
  • Band teaches students to work together in an environment where everyone is important all the time.
  • Because kids need positive role models in an atmosphere where kids learn how to respectfully work together towards a goal that is bigger than themselves.
  • Biggest group project the students do all year. Results and process to take pride in.
  • It’s a team where everyone wins and no one is ever on the bench.
  • It’s team building, problem-solving, skill building hard work that is immensely rewarding.
  • Students become part of a group and learn to think beyond themselves.
  • Working together to achieve a common goal with students who may have little in common.
  • Band is an important outlet for students to be a part of team, and express themselves musically.

The Whole Child

  • Music helps educate the whole child, and improves brain function.
  • Band teaches skills not necessary taught in the academic classroom and fosters community building in unlikely places.
  • Band provides so many important attributes for students to have a well-rounded education. From discipline, structure to social interaction and needed in the real world.
  • Band addresses the social, emotional, and musical needs of students around the world.
  • Band develops students into better humans – socially and emotionally as well as making their brains better!
  • Band is a safe place for all, a creative outlet and a challenge.
  • Increases cognitive reasoning, enhances collaborative works, gives emotional outlet and offers creative thinking.
  • It is a comprehensive education that improves the IQ, creativity, leadership and problem solving in multiple areas of study.
  • Music is a foundational discipline that aids in the learning of all other subjects.
  • We are building a whole child to work collaboratively in their future.
  • We teach students how to be better people through music.
  • Band gives kids a chance to work with students they don’t see in their other classes, helps them develop confidence, and is the reason that certain children come to school.
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Important: News and Info for this concert week

Greetings everyone,
Here is important information for this week and look for followup addendums if needed. I’m really looking forward to seeing you all at the concert this week!
Concert Rehearsals:
-At the beginning of the year and in a more recent email, Monday is a scheduled rehearsal date for the 6th and 7th grade bands. I am canceling that rehearsal as I feel the Wednesday rehearsal should suffice. 6th grade has been doing well. The 7th grade band has really worked hard, especially last week. I don’t want to over-rehearse them and have made some changes that will allow us to go into this week stress-free and centering on a solid experience.
-With that being said, the Wednesday rehearsal from 3-5pm is for all band students. Dismissal time may be staggered if a grade level finishes early. Your child will call or text you when we are finished but no later than 5pm as published. Normal school clothes are fine for this rehearsal (we only do a dress rehearsal prior to the first concert of the school year).
Concert Etiquette
I will send a separate email on this topic.  A strong recording of this concert is essential for our own legacy and for potential auditions for band events for next year.
Other news:

-We need everyone in school unless ill. Please don’t schedule appointments during band class unless it is dire. It happens so much throughout the year but this is our last concert for our teams and the very nature of ow music ensembles work is that we are dependent on each other for success and learning. Thank you for your support and understanding.

-The concert program may have other items of info as well.
-Please do all you can as parents to make this week smooth for the students and I.
-HUGE thanks to Nicole Drews for making the band membership necklaces (arriving before the end of the year) and to Aleasha Peck for the tons of extra help throughout the year, including chaperone coordination.
Spring Concert is on Thursday, May 23 at 7pm
Here are the report times for students for Thursday’s Spring Concert. As a reminder, these student report times/timeliness are also part of the student’s grade. All students will be in concert dress attire which has been communicated with parents and students.

Here are the report times for students for the concert:

-6th grade: Please be on the stage with instruments by 6:15pm.
(not arriving at that time, but fully ready to play with all materials). We will rehearse with you, take attendance, and we will review dress attire as part of the student’s grade)

-7th grade: Be ready to play and tuned in the band room by 6:30pm.
(not arriving at that time, but fully ready to play with all materials). We will rehearse with you, take attendance, and we will review dress attire as part of the student’s grade. Make sure to warmup and tune!)

-8th grade: Be ready in the choir room by 6:45pm with instruments ready to play (not arriving at that time, but fully ready to play with all materials). We will rehearse with you, take attendance, and we will review dress attire as part of the student’s grade. Make sure to warmup and tune!)

NOTE: Concert dress code for band members is the black band uniform (all black except white t-shirt underneath band polo). Please review prior emails or the band website (red folder) or the files section of our band Facebook group page for further details.

NOTE: For all attendees of the concert, doors will not open until 6:45pm. Bucks for Band donors wearing their donor button will be allowed to enter earlier. For any attendees with medical or mobility issues, please feel free to enter early. All others will need to wait patiently in the hallway until the doors open.

Chaperones Needed

We are still in need of chaperones for 6th and 7th grade if you are willing to help our students (8th grade is good).  Let Mrs. Peck and I know if you are interested as this is an important need. Her email address is listed at the top of this email. Mrs. Peck will contact chaperones and thanks to Christy Janson, Susan Viloria, Tim and Lisa Ahlgren, and Lori Cabean who have volunteered already!
A personal request
It has always been a great joy of mine to take pictures with the students at concerts during the year. For this year, I would love to get some pics with the students by our new decoupage sign in the band hallway after the concert.
I care greatly about our students. They are your children and my team. I will always care about them far more than they care about me and that’s the way it is supposed to be. Down the road I will be a distant memory, but for me they will always be a part of my life and I will truly miss every last student. As I get older, pics will all I have of them.
I know not everyone has the time and patience to wait around, but I am hoping you will indulge me with this personal favor, if not at the concert then perhaps before the end of the year.
Thank you
These words seem so insufficient at times to convey my gratitude and appreciation for all of you. Nevertheless, thank you for sharing your children with me and for enriching my life. It is my hope that I have influenced them in some small way, and I assure you they have influenced me beyond measure. As parents, you are truly wonderful as well.
I am friends with several of you and your counsel and friendship has been immeasurable. I am always here for you and the students if ever need. Please know that as you move forward in this fantastic life journey.
This has been a great year with a little bit more to go. There are lots of plans for next year and I am excited to share more with you when the time is right.
Until I see you on Thursday, may you week be filled with happiness, joy, and accomplishment.
Forever grateful,
Marc Whitlock
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Calendar updated for upcoming after-school rehearsals

You may go to this site for details: https://discoverybands.org/calendar/  and click on the event itself on the Google calendar.
-6th grade: After-school  on Monday, May 20 and Wednesday, May 22 from 3-5pm

-7th grade: After-school  on Tuesday 5/14, Wednesday 5/15 (both are recording rehearsals), Monday 5/20, and Wednesday 5/22, all scheduled from 3-5pm

-8th grade: After-school  on Wednesday, May 22 from 3-5pm

Attendance policy has been clearly communicated in many formats during the year. Please refer to the band handbook and other materials emailed to you and at the links provided at https://discoverybands.org/ on the red folder with the eagle logo, which is also at https://drive.google.com/file/d/11nwi1RRq-FQhh4DgIoE1oLLAPEHA-BmK/view?usp=sharing

I’m greatly looking forward to this push to the end as the music is significant, we are working through our growing pains, and we are greatly anticipating our final concert of the year on May 23 at 7pm. See you then!

With thanks,
Marc Whitlock

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Our Mattress Fundraiser earned…..(drum roll)……


for the band and our students personally earned $650 in incentives! Thank you so much for “sharing” the word!

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MATTRESS FUNDRAISER – March 10th at Discovery MS!!!

Are you or someone you know looking to replace a bed in your home?  Now is the time. Discovery Middle School Band is excited to announce they will be hosting a one-day Mattress Fundraiser on Sunday, March 10th, from 11am – 5pm. There will be over 25 beds on display for customers to try.  The brand name mattresses are made to order, have full factory warranties, are available in all sizes, and are priced below retail.  In addition to beds, there will also be luxury pillows and even adjustable power bases! Delivery & financing is available. Visit the Facebook event and click “GOING”, INVITE YOUR FRIENDS! SHARE OUR POSTS: https://www.facebook.com/events/343393699548009/

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Pickup from Zap Zone

Hi all,

If your child plans to attend the Zap Zone event today, please make plans to pick up your child at or before 7:30pm. Time of arrival and pickup are flexible, but we do not wish to stay past 7:30pm as in the past we’ve had issues with timely pickup/
Many thanks and here’s to a great night!
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Concert attire/dress code for concerts

Hi all,
Tuesday is a BIG day….Dress Rehearsal Day!

Students will need to bring their dress clothes to school in a bag and I will give them time to change after school before we begin the inspection and the rehearsal itself.
The concert attire/dress code sheet you received for students has not changed. It is also located on the front page of our website and also in the students’ Google Classroom and attached to this email. Here is help clarification based on recent email questions:
-No t- shirts, no graphic shirts, no sandals, no flip flops, no tennis/athletic shoes, no boots, etc., are to be worn. Common sense. Nice clothes. Dress classy, not sassy.
-For clarification, denim and jeans are basically the same and are not dress pants or concert attire . Also, for girls, what a female may wear to school such as leggings/tights/yoga pants is not appropriate for a concert setting.
-Dress pants should have belt loops for the belt; Dress belt cannot be made of cloth or nylon.

-Students not meeting this dress code may not be allowed to perform and may have a reduction in grade. Parents should contact Mr. Whitlock with any questions.


(PICS and Dress Code sent via email)
If you have any questions whatsoever, please let me know immediately. It is imperative that no issues appear on the night of the concert as this detracts from the experience of the students and director. Tuesday is a “dress rehearsal” for students to wear the exact attire for what they will wearing the upcoming concert(s) so all issues will be ironed out before the concert. If there are issues I will let the child and parents/guardians know.
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