Reminders for a BIG week in the Discovery Band!

Hi all,
I thought I would play it safe and send you reminders for a big week for our band program. Several items to turn in this week. Appropriate docs are attached. Also, all checks/money orders for every activity at Discovery (not just band) are to be made out to the payee “Plymouth-Canton Community Schools”.  OK, here goes:
For Monday, October 2
-Polo shirt order form and $15 check/money order is due for all grade levels so we can organize and collate for this mass order. Between the online form and the paper form (wanting everyone to do both for backup purposes) we received only 32% so far and hopefully this will be 100% tomorrow. In the “Memo” or “For” section of the check, please be sure to notate that it is for Band Polo Shirt. I have two forms for each 8.5×11 sheet, so only fill out one for sizing and payment information.
-First practice log is due for 7th and 8th graders (120 total minutes for this last week). Each student received two printed practice log. That log is attached for students to print (in library) or for parents to print for their child the week before it is due.
For Wednesday, October 4
-The Michigan School and Band Association (MSBOA) information is due on this day. The $8 check (for an ensemble member) or the $10 check (for a soloist) should be made out to PCCS as stated earlier. Initial participation as of now is lower than it’s ever been (just two years ago we had 93 participants and right now we are at 24 students) but it is my hope that we will get more involved as this is a fantastic way to start achieving outside of the classroom.
-For those wishing to attend our Zap Zone event the following week, $20 cash is due on 10/4 or earlier. Tickets will be given to students to bring to Zap Zone to turn in for a wrist band. Collecting the cash for tickets early allows Zap Zone to know how to properly staff the event. The is the only event for the year in which we will take cash (as this is Zap Zone’s preference). All other events will be check or money order.
For Thursday, October 5
-BD’s Mongolian Grill Night! Please come and join us for a wonderful time of getting to know each other and getting to heckle your band director! Most of the band directors for the district will be present. BD’s will donate 20% of each bill accompanied by the attached flyer to our PCCS Band programs. While this will be divided by six groups and may not give a ton of profit to Discovery, it is a great way to share stories about band, get to know each other, and start building our band family in a non-concert setting. I hope you can join us!
For Monday, October 9
-Zap Zone Night! Arrive and depart anytime between 4-7pm. Students need to bring their ticket with them but if there is any issue or concern on the day of the event please contact Mr. Whitlock or see him at Zap Zone. We can almost always solve any issue.
Oh, we are still in need of a few chaperones for this Zap Zone event. I only have one so far, a brand new 6th grade band parent. We will need a few more to make sure this event can still happen. Truthfully, it is the easiest chaperoning event of the year. Please let me know by detaching the slip on the Zap Zone info form or by replying here.
Lots going on and I look forward to seeing the wonderful parents of our awesome students later this week.
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Flyer for BD’s Mongolian Grill Band Night!

Hi all,

Attached is the flyer for BD’s Band night! I hope you will join us on October 5!  Please print and bring the flyer with you and 20% of the bill will be donated by BD’s to the PCCS Bands. (BD’s made 6 flyers to one sheet so people could share).
Please invite all friends and family, your child’s other activity groups, your groups, etc.
What a great opportunity for everyone to finally be able to heckle me!  🙂
Many thanks and more soon!
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Peformance request for October 25

Hello 7th and 8th grade families,

We have just received a performance request from the Educational Excellence Foundation (EEF) to perform at they annual Showcase of Grants exhibition.
The Discovery Band has received educational grants from the EEF for the past few years and they are asking us to play some of the music and share the talents of our students, who are the recipients of the EEF grants.
The event is at the Plymouth Cultural Center on Wednesday, October 25th from 5:30-7pm.
The event will be in an open-house format with no formal presentations. Our students would be visible and audible but not in the spotlight like at our concerts as there will be otters displays occurring at the same time.
The Good news: We have many 7th/8th solo and ensemble groups performing the day before at our recitals concert here at Discovery so the music will be ready to go.
The Bad News: I have a 6th grade concert that very same evening and I will not be able to personally attend. The students will not need me as a conductor for this event so there is no issue there.  I would need the students to take stands and their music. Most importantly, I would need several dedicated parents to serve as chaperones for this event since I cannot attend. Parents would drop off their children and check-in and check-out with these dedicated volunteers. I would assign specific volunteer parents to specific student groups for organizational purposes.
I think this would be a easy gig for the students without any big pressure.
The EEF has been really been good to us over the years and I would like for us to give back if we can. As mentioned to students today, their ensembles (most of which are trios) need at least two or all three members to be able to play.
Please talk about this as a family as I will be soliciting performers starting next week.
Many thanks for your consideration and more soon!
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From the Media Center to all students regarding Chromebooks

For the next few days students should shut down their Chromebooks and then turn on again.This is going to update them and make sure they are using the most current Google OS. The login screen may change with the updates. We have been told that it might take a few shut downs to get current. This will also help reset things like track pad.
Also, students should make name tags for their CBs. Last year we had many lost Chromebooks with no names.
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Concert attire/dress code for 2017-18

Hello all,

Attached are two files that pertain to this year’s concert dress code for our band concerts for 2017-18:
1) A details sheet for what students are required to wear for concerts.
2) The order form for our new polo shirts.
This is what we discussed at Curriculum Night and the Beginning Band Parent meeting. Pay close attention to the what student will wear on the bottom half of their body. This is also listed in the new syllabus and handbook of this year.
FYI, the order form only takes half the page as I consolidated for printing at school. Your child should have received these forms as well to bring home. The $15 cost for the polo shirt is due anytime between now and no later than Monday, October 2 during class.
Feel free to contact me and thank you for all you do!
Mr. Marc Whitlock
Band Director, Discovery Middle School

The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. – William Arthur Ward

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Band Parent Volunteers 2017-18

There are many good reasons for parents to volunteer for the Band. It’s a great way to show your kids that you take an interest intheir education, and it sends a positive message that you consider Band a worthwhile cause.

Parent volunteers offer a huge resource and support base for the Band and the school community while showing their kids theimportance of participating in the larger community.

Not only will the Band reap the benefits of your involvement — you will too. By interacting with Mr. Whitlock and other parents on a regular basis, you’ll gain a firsthand understanding of your child’s daily activities. You’ll also tap into trends and fads of school lifethat can help you communicate with your kids as they grow and change (all without intruding on their privacy or personal space).

Even if you haven’t been involved in the past, it’s never too late to start. It may be more important than ever to get involved when kids reach middle school.

Our middle school band does not have a booster program per PCCS district policy, but if you have the desire and time we do need band parent volunteers who assist the students and director in various tasks. Some areas of need are:

  • Fundraising tabulation and collection
  • Computer data entry
  • Check deposit computer entry
  • Chaperones
  • Recruiting
  • News and public relations
  • Website management and design
  • Music Library management

…and many other tasks!

Parent volunteers must fill out the PCCS district volunteer criminal background check form and be approved by the school district.The form is part of this handbook. Please go to this link to fill out the form:

Thank you for your help ahead of time!

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Extra/Out-of-class performance opportunities for Discovery MS Band students for the 2017-18 school year

Extra/Out-of-class performance opportunities for Discovery MS Band students for the 2017-18 school year:

-PCEP 8th Grade Band Night/Football game
-Wayne State University MS Honor Band
-BGSU MS Honor Band
-MSBOA Solo and Ensemble Festival
-MSBOA Band Festival
-DSO Middle School Honor Band
-PCCS Middle School Honor Band
-DDOP/Downriver Day of Percussion
-JV Percussion/Drum Club
-Junior Guard
-Spring Band Trip to Cedar Point (proposed)

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