2018-19 Concert Dates for the Discovery Bands

***Check out the Google Calendar below for events not listed in text format***

(all concerts begin at 7pm unless otherwise indicated – Details for each concert will be announced as we get closer to that date)

*May 23                                 Spring Concert
(Thursday)  Rehearsals right after school; Dates will be split between ALL bands and exact details for each band will be determined as we get closer to concert as we will better know the needs for each band.
After-school rehearsals            
May 14, 15, 20, 22
May 23  In-school combined 6th and 7th grades

*May 31                                 In-school concert with Band and Choir

June 7                                 Band Trip to Cedar Point (8th grade only)
Elective event/Band Trip (More info to follow; if approved by district and there is enough participation with enough chaperones)

* = location at Discovery MS

NOTE: All performances are required and part of the student’s grade.

There may be events/rehearsals that may occur that cannot be accounted for at this time. As these events occur we will notify you through email, Google Classroom, and the band website. Concerts usually last from 60-75 minutes.