Learn a Difficult Piece of Music

  1. Go through and find easy measures or sections. Play those parts.
  2. Look for any parts that get repeated and learn those parts.
  3. Work on the difficult parts. Count the rhythms carefully and work out the notes.
  4. Work section by section and then put the whole piece together.

Use a metronome to learn it at a slow tempo before trying to speed it up.

The best way for a student to get out of difficulty is to go through it — Aristotle

 More Tips:

Still having trouble with a difficult part in the music?

  1. Break it down into smaller chunks
  2. Practice one chunk slowly
  3. Pay careful attention to every detail in the chunk
  4. When you can play the chunk correctly, repeat it many times
  5. Move on to the next chunk

Your goal: Play the music correctly at least three times in a row.

 Did you remember to use your metronome?

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